Report from Give-A-Day Mayor’s Week of Service: Family Scholar House

Sorted donations waiting to be assembled into care packages.

Imagine a room full of boxes of donations: individually wrapped granola bars, trail mix bags, gum, mints, Chapstick, Kleenex, highlighters, hot chocolate, tea bags, Starbucks instant coffee….  The list could go on and on.

Imagine enough of these sorts of donations to stuff to the brim large brown paper lunch bags–the bags having been decorated with messages like, “Good luck on your finals!” “You can do it!” “We believe in you!”

And imagine enough volunteers to organize, sort, stuff, write, decorate and assemble all of this into 167 finals care packages for Family Scholar House residents.

One volunteer said, “When I was in college, getting a care package from home made my day!”

Leadership Louisville volunteers decorating care package bags.

That volunteer, and others like her, through their donating of items and their hands-on putting together of the packages, helped remind FSH residents that someone cares.  That their empowerment and success matters to the wider community.  That they do, in fact, have a village of support surrounding them in their academic pursuits and their journeys as parents.

ID+A staff writing notes of encouragement to go in the care packages.

It is yet another example of the deeply held belief of Family Scholar House that what we do, we do together–and when we live life together, we live life at our best.

Thank you, to all our Give-A-Day Mayor’s Week of Service volunteers–you’ve made a difference in the lives of our scholar parents!

Packages ready for delivery!

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