Healthy Living

No one knew that 100+, recording-breaking temperatures would descend upon the city of Louisville when plans were first made for Field Day at Stoddard Johnston and Stone Soup at Louisville Scholar House.  But so they did, and that meant it wasn’t the sort of day any one wanted to do much of anything at all, much less get outdoors, get moving and get cooking with friends and neighbors.

Families from Stoddard Johnston Scholar House and community volunteers take a break after a very warm Field Day!

Still, some brave souls gathered at SJSH, along with some fabulous volunteers, to spend the morning playing games, engaging in friendly competition, and being reminded that part of healthy living is keeping active.

That evening, another group of participants and volunteers came together for a lesson in cooking and community with Chef Hank Leavitt and the team from Stone Soup, an organization dedicated to cooperative, healthy, sustaining practices in food growth, production and preparation.

One lucky participant went home with a new crock-pot and a few more received new cookbooks.  All of them left with leftovers:  veggie-full pasta salad, homemade dips for raw vegetables, fresh watermelon and peach crisp.

Community members and Family Scholar House residents gather for Stone Soup.

Both the Field Day and the Stone Soup event meant children, adults, staff, participants, volunteers all together, all striving for good health and all learning from both the event itself and one another.

Our thanks to Adam Price, Charlie Bird and Joey Beatty, Field Day volunteers, and to Hank Leavitt and his Stone Soup Team–wonderful supporters all!


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