Pet Show!

July 11th brought both a break in the triple-digit temps we’ve had here in Louisville lately, and a fabulous child-centered event on our Stoddard Johnston Scholar House campus sponsored by our good friends at Texas Roadhouse.

The Family Scholar House/Texas Roadhouse Pet Show gave cause for FSH kiddos to come together for an afternoon of games, snacks, crafts and activities.  Participants were invited to choose a stuffed animal from home or “adopt” one from donations provided to FSH, and then name their “pet,” write a story about their pet if they so desired, and bring it to the Pet Show to show-and-tell about.  There were stuffed orangutans, leopards, exotic birds, dogs, wolves, kittens, bears and fish galore!

Andy the Armadillo, Texas Roadhouse macot

Andy the Armadillo, TR’s friendly mascot, was on hand as well to take pictures with the kids and hear all about their pets.  There’s nothing quite like giant Andy hugging a little stuffed fish to his chest while the fish’s three year-old caretaker squeals with glee!

Even those who couldn’t be physically present found a way to be part of things.  Zanee’ Ja couldn’t be at the event, but she wanted her stuffed animal, Pinky the Pig, to be part of things, so she wrote a story, and sent it along to the Pet Show with an FSH staffer.  Here’s what she wrote:

“My pig’s name is Pinky. When I first adopted Pinky, I knew it was love at first sight.  And I knew I would never let anything happen to her. Pinky has been a good friend to me, and I will always be a good friend to her. Pinky has comforted me when I go to sleep.  When I wake up, she is smiling in my face.  Pinky makes me feel safe and warm.  She loves the color pink. I love you, Pinky!”

We were also privileged to have on hand the youth group from Buechel Park Baptist Church–these amazing volunteers sang songs, played games and provided supervised playground time for FSH kids as they came and went from the Pet Show.  It’s safe to say both the youth group and our kids had a great time together!

For strong community partners like Texas Roadhouse, we’re grateful (it was legendary, ya’ll!). For mission-minded groups like Buechel Park, we are also thankful.  Way to go, everyone!  FSH children were ALL winners–celebrated, empowered, and entertained, every one of them!

Pet Show participant–“Bear Bear”

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