Watch me shine!

Last November, Our Stories Matter published a letter from a Family Scholar House participant who would soon be moving into our Stoddard Johnston campus.  You can read that letter here. Last week, an FSH staffer talked with the participant a little bit about what life’s been like since that letter–and, so, below, in the participant’s own words, an update on what life’s been like since then:

My daughter and I have been in our home for almost nine months now and I cannot believe the difference our home has made in our lives.  Prior to being chosen to be a resident, most of my days began with tears and ended with tears.  Now more and more of my days radiate with my smile and laughter.  I am finally experiencing what I have been struggling to grasp for some years now- “Peace of Mind.”   To me, “Peace of Mind” is equivalent to exhaling. When I think of it, when I feel it, I slowly exhale and know my life is good.  Waking up every day in our own beds, walking around and living in this beautiful place that was someone’s vision for us–“our home” evidence of an obstacle removed.   

Our home, a dream-now-reality was not a gift or a hand out, it is a reflection of the fight in me and the hard work I put in every day. 

One my favorite definitions of the word “reflect” is, “to give evidence of the characteristics or qualities of someone or something” (The Free Dictionary).  This is not just a word to me; it is now a part of my purpose. To give evidence of the characteristics and qualities of the people at FSH who work so hard every day, and in every way, to make life good for me and daughter.  I now realize that my presence reflects the qualities it takes to be a single parent fighting to break  the cycle of poverty.  
My journey, my success, and my appreciation destroy the stereotypes of the doubters.  I said once before that the words “Thank You” were only the beginning of the appreciation, now the next step is to reflect.  So watch me shine!



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