A word from our kiddos….

We’re starting a new feature here at Our Stories Matter–an opportunity for our FSH kiddos to get a word in edgewise.  FSH Campus Coordinators have been working with Our Stories Matter to “interview” some of our children, and last week, brother and sister Wyatt and Alyssa offered up their answers to some interview questions.  We hope you’ll enjoy their inherent playfulness as children, and also be challenged by their very important answers to what they wish was different about this world we live in.  Meet Wyatt and Alyssa!

What’s your favorite food, Wyatt?

“Mac and cheese!”

“Mine’s supreme pizza with all the veggies!” his sister chimes in.

Alyssa, what is your favorite thing to do with Mommy?

“Going to the mall!” she says, while Wyatt’s answer is, “Riding my bike.”

What do you both like best about living at Family Scholar House?

“I like Miss Linsey the most, and the playground,” says Wyatt.  Alyssa says that she likes best that she has met new friends, and that she gets to go to school with some other children from Family Scholar House campuses.

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

“I want to be big!” Wyatt says with a grin, and Alyssa adds, a little more seriously, “When I grow up, I want to be a physical therapist, and I want to go to Morehead State University, where my big sister goes.”

(Somebody better go ahead and clue in the admissions folks at Morehead State–Alyssa is on the way!)

Ok, one more question, what’s one thing you wish was different about the world?

Wyatt: It would be a non-smoking world.

And Alyssa: No crime. No gangs. No smoking.  And no littering.

Children like Wyatt and Alyssa are the heartbeat of Family Scholar House.  They are our present and our future both.  And they have a great deal to teach us about this world we live in.


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