Our children…your children.


Their moms were working with Family Scholar House staff to make thank-you phone calls to donors and supporters. And so these two were amusing and entertaining another FSH staff person in the children’s play room. Books were read and pictures were drawn and rocking horses and trains were played with.  

And then they crawled up on the back of a couch, and pressed their little faces against a window.  It was getting dark out, and so cars and buildings and passersby were just sort of shadows and outlines against the dusk.  But still they looked, and began pointing curious fingers at what they saw.

“Look! I see a tiger!” “Ooh! I see a lion!” “Oh there! I see a giraffe!” “And I see a bear! Don’t worry, it’s a friendly bear.”

And so on, and so on–creatures of all sorts named, their activities and colors described in detail, as if perhaps, right outside that window after all, there existed a virtual menagerie.

It was, in so many ways, a reminder that our children here at Family Scholar House are just like other children–they imagine.  And dream.  And create.  And wonder.

And yet, they are also not like many other children–because they’ve known hunger. And violence.  And not having a roof over their heads.  And wondering if Santa really does come for all little boys and girls.  

Different…and yet also the same. And they are ALL ours–no matter what they’ve been through or where they’ve come from, they are part and parcel of this place.  And as an agency, a neighborhood, a community, a city–they are ours to care for, to encourage, to inspire, to nurture into the fabulous and amazing people they are already on their way to becoming.

For them we are so, so thankful.  And feel awfully lucky that we get to be part of their lives.


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