December’s End

Though we’ll be on-call (and in-person in a second) if any of our participants need us in the next few days, today is the last official “work day” of the year for Family Scholar House staff. So when we all show back up in our offices and at our desks on Wednesday, January 2, it’ll be a new year, full of new challenges, opportunities and successes.

The last few weeks have been a blur of celebration: graduations, holiday parties, gift-exchanging, and moving in and moving out of participants have all been a part of life here.

We’ve watched as our children’s eyes lit up with sheer joy when Tom O’ Shea and friends rolled up with new bicycles for them. We’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude for the people all over the metro area and beyond who have, through donations and time spent on campus, made sure that our participants had a good Christmas. We’ve thrown a party with Charlie Waller in honor of some post-residential families who are still “ours.” We’ve watched magic shows and met Mrs. Claus and gotten new books and pajamas and seen the grins on the faces of LMPD’s finest while they gave out gifts to our children.

We’ve also opened a new Academic Services Center at our Downtown Scholar House location–as always, this was a collective effort, born of the cooperative good will of everyone–men, women and children–who built it and made it into a place where our participants can learn and grow and discover more about this world and their place in it.

It’s been quite a December–and we are thankful for everyone who played a part in it (no matter the size of that part).

And every day, through it all and because of it all, our participants continue their journeys.

They study hard and dream big. They pull their children close and promise that life will not always be this difficult–that in fact, they are all well on their way to ways of being that will offer whole new worlds of possibility. They learn from what has been and look forward to what will be. They inspire everyone around them and remind us that miracles happen every day.

Their journeys are not over, their stories are still being spun, and this new year will bring to their lives as yet unknown beauty. 

When we do things together, we are stronger for it. Not a single thing at FSH happens in isolation–this we know, and this we claim as our identity. And so stronger families and stronger communities–and, eventually, a stronger world–emerge. 

Happy New Year, from all of us at Family Scholar House–we look forward to seeing you in 2013!!


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