A Heart for Peace


Ask a child at Family Scholar House, “What do you think peace looks like?” and you will, in response, hear everything from “My family at dinnertime,” to “No more guns!” to a drawing of heart and some flowers. Even our littlest scholars have a vision of peace, and we’re thankful that we’ve had an opportunity to give voice to those visions as of late.

Thanks to Allan Weiss at Peace Postcards, and our friend Mike Mays over at Heine Brothers, Family Scholar House is thrilled to be hosting “A Heart for Peace” from now until February’s end–an art display designed to help our children “speak peace” into the wider Louisville community.

The children of FSH have, more often than not, seen some of the worst life can hand a person,and that they are still able to believe in goodness–the possibility of peace–is testament to their tremendous resilience and their having found a place to call home.

We invite you to visit these Heine Brothers coffee shops to see the peace postcards for yourself (you’ll be glad you did!): Douglass Loop, Shelbyville Road in St. Matthews, Gardiner Lane, Dahlem Center (Schnitzelburg) and the new Northfield store on Brownsboro Road.


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