Sushi-inspired, Family Scholar House style

At first glance, it’s your typical networking party in a city that does those better than anyone around. Young professionals wearing the latest fashions, business cards discreetly at the ready. Carefully selected music playing. The smells of creatively designed and produced, locally-sourced foods beckoning you further inside one of the grand rooms  at the Henry Clay.  Artisan ice cream in one corner, baked goods that are nothing less than sheer poetry in another, and all along the sides, tables of sushi-inspired creations by Louisville’s finest chefs.

There’s laughter and chatter and folks moving about in the dance of getting to know one another, making connections, renewing acquaintances, and forging new friendships. It’s Sushi in the City, a Family Scholar House fundraiser designed to show off the very best Louisville has to offer in dining all while helping our city’s younger professionals meet-and-greet and share their support of FSH.

And at first you  might think, “Been there. Done that. This looks like all the rest.” Only it isn’t like all the rest–not quite.

Because among all those who fit right in are those who normally don’t. Among all those swirling personalities are the men and women of Family Scholar House–full-time single moms and dads who are also full-time scholars, pursuing a college degree. They’ve got stories to tell you of heartache and loss, of poverty and violence, of what it means to have to start over when you aren’t even sure where the starting line is or where you got knocked off the track to begin with. They’ve got perseverance and determination and triumph–and they ARE the reason for the party.

And the thing is? Unless someone tells you otherwise, you won’t know the difference–nor should you. Because the participants in Family Scholar House have dreams just like everyone else in the room. Dreams of a secure professional life that leaves them fulfilled, dreams of a home and a safe family life, dreams of their children soaring into whatever beauty they want to make out of their lives.

Yes–Sushi in the City raises money for Family Scholar House. And yes, at Sushi in the City, networking happens. But even more? The playing field gets leveled a bit–in the very best and most hopeful of ways. And it becomes apparent, if you’re paying attention, that really there isn’t that much difference in us all, after all.


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