Volunteer Spotlight

JT Henderson guest posts from his perspective as a regular volunteer at Family Scholar House. JT is the leader of a Missional Community at The Avenue, and, as such, has forged a strong relationship with FSH. We’re grateful–and thought you might like to hear his perspective about “Why FSH?”

I lead a Missional Community that has focused its efforts on Family Scholar House.  The partnership between The Avenue and Family Scholar House is natural as we are neighbors separated by two blocks.  Our group has done things like host movie nights for residents, help sort clothing donations, write letters of encouragement to residents, bake cookies and help with the fall festival.  Each time we serve, I believe that we get more out of it than the organization does- as the group leaves hopeful and encouraged.

Single parents are one of the most overlooked subsets of our society.  Looking at it objectively, we do not make it easy for someone to raise a child(ren), have a career, and make a positive impact on the world around them.  It becomes infinitely more difficult when you add “full-time student” into this equation.  This is why I believe the work that is done at Family Scholar House is so revolutionary.  Education is a key to breaking the cycle of poverty and Family Scholar House does this more effectively than any organization I have been in contact with.

I would encourage you to get involved at Family Scholar House.  Here are three simple ways you can engage:

1)     Pray for Family Scholar House- its residents and staff.

2)     Write a note of encouragement for a resident.  You never know how a simple thing like a handwritten note will make its way to a resident at just the precise time a pick me up is needed.

3)     Give of your time one day per month for two hours.  I promise that you will walk away encouraged.

Thanks, JT, for your words–and thanks to ALL the folks over at The Avenue for all the ways you are helping us fulfill our mission!


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