Family Scholar House resident & Pre-Med student Aleshia

Family Scholar House resident & Pre-Med student Aleshia

The single-parent college students of Family Scholar House work year-round to reach their dreams and to create a better life for not only themselves but also their children. Throughout the academic year, student parents are pulling all-nighters after putting kiddos to bed, attending classes full-time, participating in activities for both their and their children’s schools, working, and answering every demand that comes along with single parenthood.

Aleshia, like so many FSH residents, continuously rises to every occasion. This past Spring, she earned a 4.0, while raising a beautiful daughter and leading the FSH kids’ step team – another much-deserved goal achieved as she pursues her dream of a career in medicine. When Summer arrived, she had the opportunity to take a few well-deserved weeks off from school; however, Aleshia chose the alternative. She decided to spend her summer continuing to prepare for her future career and brighter future.

Last week, Aleshia returned from spending 6 weeks at the University of Virginia, attending a Medical and Dental Program. While there, Aleshia worked everyday, taking part in intensive classes and learning the ins and outs of the medical school process. She not only shined in the classroom but used her talents to give back by teaching the choir and step team. It is no surprise to those that know her that she was chosen out of all participants to receive the program’s Leadership Award.

Aleshia actions continue to speak for themselves. For those who have been privileged enough to be a part of her journey, there’s no doubt that we are witnessing something very special.


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