The Transformative Power of the Arts

Our participants are more than just student parents – as if that wasn’t enough to juggle!


FSH resident Felicia Dixon shares her talent and passion for theater with others and helps them realize the transformative power of the arts. And she has seen this transformation first-hand.


Felicia herself experienced a transformation when she applied to Family Scholar House in the summer of 2012 after a random encounter with a kind woman at a laundromat who told her about the program. Felicia made contact with FSH and took full advantage of the support services available to pre-residential participants – helping her to earn a place in the residential program in October that same year. Family Scholar House has given Felicia the opportunity to focus on her kids – she is the mother of a 14-year old son and 7 (soon to be 8) year-old daughter – and her education – she currently attends Simmons College and is majoring in Theater and Theology. She has also been able to focus on and explore her passions and interests.


This summer, Felicia decided she wanted to help others experience the transformative power of the arts by creating a children’s production of “The Wiz”. But to do this, she needed to find financial support. She researched and submitted a grant proposal for a children’s summer theater program. Felicia was delighted to be notified that she would be funded – but the grant amount wasn’t as much as she had hoped. However, she knew her passion and love for working with children would be more than enough to overcome whatever financial obstacles the production faced. She quickly conducted a series of auditions, delegated key responsibilities (as well as stage roles) to the kids, promoted the production in the community and held the performances over two days at Simmons College in August.


Felicia witnessed children as they escaped the harsh realities of life by having fun, being creative and learning in a fun environment. They learned through self-discovery. Such opportunities inspire her to pursue her dream of one day running a children’s theater camp or perhaps managing the drama club of an educational institution. No matter what she does – she knows she wants to help transform lives, work with children and utilize her love for theater.


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