A Season of Thanksgiving



Next week, our nation will celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday dedicated to expressing and sharing our gratitude for all of the blessings of the previous year. The history of this holiday is rich with stories of shared harvests, ceremonies, prayerful reflection and proclamation. All of which adds to the understanding that there is within us a desire to say “thank you.”


This week, Family Scholar House graduates and soon-to-be graduates lead the annual Thank-A-Thon, gathering together to make calls to FSH supporters to say “thank you” and share a bit about how they and their children have benefited from the programs and supportive housing at Family Scholar House. This tradition was begun by one of our graduates who understood how the person receiving support is changed and empowered by the opportunity to express her gratitude.


Each year, we have one or two people who hang up on our graduates, thinking that it is a solicitation. It is not. And, we have come to understand that calls to say “thank you” without asking for anything more are so unusual and curious that some people have trouble imagining that there is not a hidden motive. Again, there is not.


I do not believe that there was ever a desire for gratitude and appreciation to be limited to one day per year; but instead, for us to set aside a day to be mindful of our blessings and dedicate that day to being grateful. Similarly, while we know how good it feels to be told “thank you”, the purpose of our Thank-A-Thon is to allow our graduates a chance to express their gratitude.


Because of supporters like you, lives are changed, learning happens, degrees are earned, children are nurtured in a stable environment, violence is kept at bay, skills are acquired, dreams are born and goals are realized. Because of you, families eager for a fresh start get one and we are all better for it.


In this season of Thanksgiving, we want you to know that Family Scholar House is grateful for you and your support ALL of the time and our Thank-A-Thon is an annual event to offer those in whom you have invested a chance to share how very much you mean to them.


We are all very thankful for you.


May this Thanksgiving be a time of reflection and celebration for you and your family and may you both share and receive expressions of gratitude for the many blessings of the past year.


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