Overcoming Obstacles through Perseverance

Jackie dreamed of being a star. Her entire childhood was devoted to her growth as a dancer. Her dream was so big that despite not being able to afford professional lessons, she taught herself moves from her favorite movies such as Save the Last Dance. She entered dance competitions with her church group in order to gain any little bit of experience she could in the world of dance. She was set on her path in life, and with determination she might just realize her childhood dreams.

Being a student at University of Louisville, it made sense that Jackie would try out for the Ladybirds dance team. They were the hardest auditions of her life. Ultimately, she didn’t make the team, but her spirits weren’t crushed. Her perseverance was obvious when she said, “Always try something even though you might not feel like you are the best. I always like trying new things. I don’t let anything negative stop me from doing what I want to do.”

When she had her daughter and joined family scholar house, she knew she had a responsibility to instill this positive attitude to her daughter’s life and the children of the community. Although her dance star dreams were made even more difficult, her spirit remained the same.  Her goal is to empower young women to work together. She somehow finds time in her busy schedule of being a full time student and mother to be an event coordinator for University of Louisville’s “Empowering Ladies Together” program. She also helps out in programs with Cochran Elementary School and volunteers with the American Reads program along with working as a banquet server at the Seelbach Hilton.

Jackie knows that having a child changed her life, but it didn’t change her dreams. She is determined to get a full education while continuing to pursue her passion for the fine arts. Her ability to stay positive and keep moving along her chosen path in life is solely attributed to awe inspiring determination.  She thanks Family Scholar House for giving her the stable environment and tools she needs to make her dreams for herself and her daughter a reality. 


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