Family Scholar House: A Sense of Camaraderie

It is a feat of its own to raise a child with both parents: mentoring and helping sculpt the child from birth to adulthood. But Courtney, who had her daughter, Annabelle, when she was 20, does it by herself while earning all A’s as she goes to college pursuing a degree in communications. Aside from her incredible self-motivation, she has the Family Scholar House to thank for this.

Coming from an environment consisting of a lot of fighting, the sense of community at Family Scholar House was a surprising and refreshing change for Courtney. “The Community here is my biggest backbone”, Courtney shared. All the convivial events including karaoke, movie nights, cook-outs, and chili cook-offs provide opportunities for the residencies to come together and bond. Mothers and fathers alike can appreciate the fact that everyone has children and are in the same boat. So as Courtney says, it’s easy to become great friends with other residents because they understand your situation better than anyone. While old high-school friends always want to go out, neighbors at the Family Scholar House are content with just hanging out a home with the kids.

In addition to a sense of camaraderie, the Family Scholar House provides a stable and comfortable home for her daughter to grow up in. Courtney can take great comfort in knowing that she and Annabelle will always have the support of not only the other mothers and fathers, but the Family Scholar House as well.


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