The Beginning of a Bright Future

Once again we find ourselves entering another summer; we are reminded by the trees blooming and the familiar heat in the air.  While we embrace the ending of another school year and prepare ourselves for the change of the season, we must reflect on the aspirations met, memories made and the challenges we faced.  This is a very special time around Family Scholar House as we celebrate the Class of 2014, comprised of 51 single-parent students, on what is surely one of their most celebrated accomplishments.

Many of our Family Scholar House participants have faced obstacles from a young age that would hinder most in the pursuit of their academic goals; however the single-parent students at FSH continue to show strength, wisdom, drive and courage in the midst of overwhelming adversity.  Not only, have these graduates fought to change the course of their lives through education but work daily to instill this determination and perseverance in the lives of their children—and watching them walk is enough to make you believe anything is possible. 

As Edward Koch once stated, “Each diploma is a lighted match and each one of you is the fuse.” The qualities these graduates exhibit will continue to inspire all those they come in contact with on their journey.  As we rejoice in this great moment let us remember that this is not an ending but a beginning to a bright future!


We wish them all good things.  We are thankful for being part of their lives.  And we know that because of each of them, the world is a better place. 


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