Take a Peek Inside FSH

What does summer at Family Scholar House look like? Let’s take a look…

May: We start the summer with a celebration of our freshly graduated participants. Just last month we celebrated 62 college graduates!

June: As we transition into June we watch our residential children attend summer camps. These camps keep them physically active as well as mentally sharp, allowing the children to problem solve while working in teams through fun activities.

July: The middle of summer is actually when we start preparations for the fall. We host our annual community event, Beer & Brats on Baxter, in partnership with local furniture store Eyedia to collect much needed school supplies for our participants. July also hosts our annual Pack-A-Backpack for all participants and their children where we pass out all the school supplies they’ll need to be successful in the upcoming school year.

August: While still technically summer, August represents fall to us. School is back in session and academic needs are in full swing.

Since school is out during the majority of May-August, what do our participants and their children do for summer? How could they enjoy the summer in a healthy, productive manner? We have some ideas!

  • With a little more free time on our hands, summer is an excellent time to evaluate life goals and lifestyles. Maybe we could start running for a local race that is occurring in the fall? Or maybe we can take those summer art classes we’ve been working towards all year.  Or how about that TV series you’ve been interested in finishing but couldn’t due to schoolwork? Being mindful of our emotional, mental and physical healths comes in a variety of activities! Whatever helps you unwind and refresh your brain and body. That’s the focus of being mindful and why not evaluate that process when there’s a little extra time to play around with?
  • Our children are not exempt from this evaluation. Sit them down and ask them what they would like to do for the summer, what goals in life do they have? We tend to not give children enough credit about making their own decisions. But it’s never too early to start including your child(ren) in the discussion of life goals and how to achieve them. Does your child want to attend different summer camps than before? Did a certain activity in a summer camp spark a passion they are interested in learning more about? If summer camps are not an option, has your child been utilizing the free cultural passes from the library? There are dozens of free activities for children to become involved in with local libraries, churches and non-profits. Remember, it’s never too early to develop a dedication to volunteerism.
  • What about having a family staycation(a family vacation in your hometown)? Plan a weekend of nothing but fun activities to do with your family in your neighborhood. Visit a local park, pack a picnic and eat outside, walk across the Big Four Bridge into Indiana, make a meal together, attend the free days at a museum, etc. The list goes on and on.

To our community supporters and readers, would you like to help our parents and their children this summer? Donate your time or resources to bridging the gap between a wasted summer opportunity and a fun-filled, productive summer for our hard-working participants and their children. Host a field day at one of our campuses, donate supplies to ensure safety while away at camp (bandaids, sunscreen, reusable water bottles, etc.) or share other resources they could benefit to learn more about. Do you have any other ideas for what they could do this summer, as a family or individually? Let us know!

Our parent scholars and their children work so hard to achieve their education goals. Let us help them enjoy their summer to make sure they all are refreshed and prepared for the next school year.


One thought on “Take a Peek Inside FSH

  1. It was a wonderful experience family scholar house helped me when no one else would help me. I am stronger and wiser now than I was beforehand.

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