Gaining Financial Independence

Whitney and Malachi

At Family Scholar House we work alongside single parents as they earn their college degree, obtain career track employment and become fully self-sufficient. On top of offering our scholars the advising and life skills workshops, we also provide financial empowerment activities. These activities directly aid our parent scholars as they become financially independent and embark on a happier, self-sufficient life for their families.

Whitney is one such Family Scholar House post-program participant.

The proud mother to her 6-year-old son, Malachi, Whitney lived at our Downtown Scholar House campus while working on her Bachelor’s of Science and Sociology degree from the University of Louisville. Since graduating in December 2015, Whitney has landed a great new career with a local company. This stable opportunity coupled with her savings in the Family Scholar House future fund account has enabled Whitney to move into a townhouse in a nice neighborhood where her son can play and utilize his imagination.

“I truly appreciate Family Scholar House for allowing me to reach my academic dreams and providing the tools needed to become self-sufficient for myself and Malachi,” said Whitney.

While Whitney begins this new chapter of her life, the whole Family Scholar House community wishes her the best of luck!


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