Walking in the door was like walking into their own home…

Each year we welcome a new class of interns, we get the unique opportunity to assist them as they develop as individuals and professionals. Each May – we celebrate not only our graduates but our interns, as they transition to a new chapter – but always remain apart of the FSH family! Below, Megan Kramer reflects back on her year at Family Scholar House.

Last August, I was given the opportunity to begin a practicum placement for the University of Louisville Kent School of Social Work at Family Scholar House. Leaving the interview, the first day I did not realize the impact being apart of the FSH community would have on me as an individual or as an aspiring social worker.  The staff, participants, pre-residents, volunteers and fellow interns have all shown me the difference agencies such as Family Scholar House can make on an individual, a family, and a community.

Family Scholar House is unlike any other agency, in that it strives to guide all pre-residents, participants, and community members to break through the cycle of poverty that has been, for some, holding them back for years. They encourage all to realize the importance of education and the possibility for self-sufficiency that they are able to gain on their own. Despite the obstacles each person walking through the door has faced, they are still driven to go to college and provide a better life for themselves and their families.

I was lucky to witness the compassion shown by all staff to each person walking onto campus. Whether or not the participant had a meeting with someone, it did not matter. Walking in the door was like walking into their own home with family greeting them with warm smiles. More importantly, the memory I will take away most is the hope that is restored in each person’s life after learning about all the services Family Scholar House has to offer.

Oftentimes, the individuals calling in and attending that first orientation have endured more in their lifetime than most can fathom. They have few options left to turn to, and Family Scholar House welcomes them offering safety, housing, resources, education and a family. Family Scholar House provides each person resources that best matches their family; a family advocate who supports them in daily life, an academic advisor assisting them in choosing the appropriate career path, not to mention café nights, cooking classes, peer-support groups, speed mentoring, resume building, tutoring, holiday events, among many more.

Family Scholar House has truly gone above and beyond to touch the lives of each individual family in a unique and loving way. I am going to miss my time here – even though I know I will stay involved; I hope to one day find the career and employers that make me as excited to go to work each day as Family Scholar House.


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