Who is your Real MVP?

Here at Family Scholar House, we know it truly takes a village. From our single-parent families, to the staff, volunteers (of all ages) and donors – it takes everyone to make Family Scholar House possible. To date, we have celebrated 371 college degrees. These degrees represent more than just a piece a paper but a second chance – the reality of becoming fully self-sufficient for our families.

Over the last few months, we have asked our scholars of all ages, “Who is YOUR real MVP?” and over and over again – we heard – “My Mom or My Dad, because they love me and they take care of me”. This comes as no surprise to the FSH family- we find ourselves in awe of the commitment and determination of our single-parent students – everyday!

In honor of Wanda Durant – NBA star Kevin Durant’s REAL MVP – speaking at our Celebration of Education Gala, we encouraged the community reflect on the same question “Who is YOUR Real MVP?” and submit to us! Below you will find Joshua’s entry about his mom – we are excited to have them join us on Thursday, as our guest to the Celebration of Education Gala.


Why my mother, is my Real MVP!

My name is Joshua, I am 19 years old and my Real MVP is my mother. The beginning of my life didn’t start off easy, I was supposed to enter this world on September 21, 1998 but due to my mother having high blood pressure, I was born August 22nd. From as far back as I can remember, my mom has always sacrificed – to ensure I had the best life.

There is no way I could explain everything she has done to showcase why she is not just my life line but my Real MVP!!  My mother became a parent at the age of 19, while she was living in low-income housing. She worked two jobs, until she was able to secure more stable and reliable employment. While working, she also went to school at Jefferson Community College and obtained a certificate in Phlebotomy, but she didn’t stop there. She continued on to the University of Louisville to get her Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing/Management. She accomplished all of this, while taking care of me, never failing to make sure my school work was done. I know that there are a lot of single mothers that work, go to school and take care of their child/ren but it’s much different seeing it with your own two eyes. 

On March 25, 2001, when I was two years old, a complete stranger broke into our apartment and my mother was physically and sexually assaulted. Having endured that traumatic event, she never let that consume her or ruin her spirit. She always said, if you allow what happened to break you – you have given power to that person.  I have never been able to understand and probably never will, but one thing I know, is my mom is the strongest person I know and I owe this woman that gave her all to me, MY ALL!

 In my short 19 years of life, I have learned so much from her but a few life lessons that stand out, no matter how hard headed I may be I can never forget them.  Number 1: Be true to who you are.  Number 2: You are always accountable for your actions.  Number 3: Prayer DOES change things, and never forget who is the head of your life.  Number 4: Don’t be afraid to dream, go after them and obtain them!  I could go on and on about my mother but then I would have to write a 4 part series.

My Mother, My Life, My REAL MVP



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