Fresh Start…

In April of 2017, all Tiffany’s hardwork during our pre-residential program resulted in keys to her brand new apartment at our Louisville Scholar House Campus with her son Princeton (age 2). She knew that this is where she needed to be, so Tiffany did everything she could and it took a little over a year before she was able to move in.

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When Tiffany is not in class. She takes advantage of the Family Scholar House computer lab to help her complete her homework.  She also utilizes the tutoring services on campus as well, again, to make sure she is giving her absolute best!  This mother-son duo can always be found at cafe nights, joining FSH neighbors and members of the community to enjoy a delicious meal and conversation.

When talking with her, she reflects back on the hard work and sacrifices it took her to get her family to this point in their journey. She is always so proud to show off pictures of her adorable son and also his ‘progress reports’ from the Early Learning Center(childcare facility), which is just steps away from their front door.  Her eyes light up with pride when she talks about how well he is doing.

Tiffany is currently studying at JCTCS but she knows this is just the beginning of her path to accomplish her big dreams! She will graduate with her Associates in May and then transfer to UofL next fall to finish pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing. She has always been fascinated by stories and now she dreams of the day her career will allow her to tell a story for a company or agency through Marketing.

We are so proud of Tiffany and are excited to walk alongside her as she continues to accomplish her goals and empower her to continue making new ones.

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