Reflecting back

As we are wrapping up the end of the first month of the new year, there are already so many things to reflect upon.  There has been lots of soul searching, path finding and relationship strengthening that has happened in these 4 short weeks.

My name is Courtney Rasche and I am a Family Scholar House and University of Louisville graduate from 2015 and a couple weeks ago, on a Tuesday evening I had the privilege of joining a group of other strong women for a fun night out at Nanz and Kraft florists, while we were taught how to make our own beautiful flower arrangement.  It was so touching to see these women come out in the freezing cold (literally) and snowy evening to have some fun while supporting Family Scholar House and other families just like me.

After my daughter and I got home it was bed time, so we placed our new beautiful arrangement in the center of our dining room table and went to sleep.  In the morning when I saw it, a deeper meaning came to me as to what these flowers represent.  My relationship with Family Scholar House.

The beginning of my journey with FSH was in 2012 when I began the classes in the pre-resident program.  I did not realize it then, but this was the start of the seeds being planted within me that I would need for this journey to self-sufficiency.  Over the next few months, FSH staff would continue to plant these seeds of skills within me.

After I moved in something began to happen.  These seeds began to take root, and grow, and bloom into newly recognized skills and lessons.  Some of these bloomed flowers of skill were financial planning, some were pieces of how to be a better and more present mother, some were my newly found passions after meeting with my Academic Coach, some were the new friendships with my neighbors.

Looking at this beautiful arrangement of gerberas, lilies, hydrangeas and roses in front of me, I realize that my arrangement of flowers of skills and relationships could never have bloomed to the fullness that it is today if it were not for Family Scholar House and the loving, supportive staff!



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